AOL, Meet Riak

March 21, 2011

In this post I describe why I like Riak and how I made use of it at my day job with AOL.


Sorting By File Content

March 2, 2011

Another "year of scripting" related post. In it, I describe how I piped together ls, sort, and awk to correct the sort order of my blog index.


Random Lines in BASH

February 16, 2011

Part of my "year of scripting" theme. This post describes one method to pull a set of random lines from a file using a BASH script.


The Year of Scripting

January 4, 2011

It's "The Summer of George" only less funny and hopefully more productive [^1]. I've always been at arms length with scripting, kind of a love-hate relationship. Over the last year that relationship has tipped more towards the balance of love, and I want to walk about why.


Destructuring JSON in Erlang Made Easy

October 18, 2010

Ever search Google for ways to decode JSON in Erlang only to come out feeling dirty on the other end? Are you sick of writing cryptic patterns to pull out a value only a few levels deep? Does the thought of pulling apart a deeply nested JSON object in Erlang make you wince? Wouldn't it be nice if you could access JSON in Erlang as easily and succinctly as you do in JavaScript? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you'll want to read further.


Surge Conference 2010 Brain Dump

October 6, 2010

This is a brain dump of Surge 2010--a conference focusing on scalable systems. Particularly, the focus was on web systems. While the talks covered many different technologies and solutions I noticed some recurring, general themes among many of them.


Erlang Echo Server

October 5, 2010

This is my solution to exercise 4-1 from the book Erlang Programming. A blog has to start somewhere, and this is mine.